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Tooth Extractions : What You Need To Know

Tooth extractions can help patients restore their oral health, relieve tension or facial pain, and help straighten a crooked smile. Whether your wisdom teeth are impacted, or you are experiencing advanced tooth decay, a simple tooth extraction could solve your oral health dilemma restoring comfort to your smile. Dr. Deepti Sareen offers tooth extractions from the comfort of her state of the art Fairfax, VA dentist office for teen and adult patients.

What you need to know: Tooth Extractions

  • Tooth extractions are safe, effective, and can be completed in just one visit to our Fairfax, VA dentist office.
  • East Market Dental offers sedation dentistry options for patients with dental anxiety so getting a tooth pulled is practically painless.
  • Dr. Sareen is a certified IV¬†sedation dentist, your safety is our priority, all patients are closely monitored if sedated.
  • Many patients in their late teen and early twenties will need their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth are the last molars to develop and can often create overcrowding or become impacted.
  • Dr. Sareen offers full-service dental implants for patients who have teeth removed in their smile zone. Dental implants¬†mimic natural teeth and can offer lasting and stable results after a tooth extraction.

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If you experience sharp or shooting pain in your face or mouth, you may need a tooth extraction to remove a damaged or infected tooth. Dr. Sareen provides comprehensive dental exams to determine which route of treatment will provide patients with optimal results. We also offer tooth fillings, root canals and dental crowns to help patients maintain as much of their natural smile as possible.

If a tooth extraction is necessary, Dr. Sareen can help patients coordinate replacing their missing tooth with a dental implant. Dr. Sareen offers in-house dental implants for high quality and streamlined care.

For high quality, modern dental care in the Centreville, Fairfax of Chantilly area, contact East Market Dental. Our experienced and compassionate dental care team offers comprehensive dentistry from the comfort of our no pressure Fairfax dentist office.