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What To Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

Do You Want To Be Proud Of Your Smile?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that can improve the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence in just one visit to your Fairfax dentist office. Whitening your teeth can take years off of your smile- and that is something to smile about.

What Is Epic Laser Teeth Whitening?

East Market Dental offers innovative Epic Laser Teeth Whitening. Laser teeth whitening treatments are quick and effective saving patients time while producing radiant smiles.

Laser teeth whitening uses a combination of traditional bleaching gels and state of the art laser technology to whiten teeth up to 8 shades with just one treatment.

Benefits of Epic Laser Teeth Whitening

  • Fast
    • Yellowed teeth can now be whitened in as little as 20 minutes., right here in our office, enabling you to get back to your daily routine that much faster.
  • Effective
    • Years of stain build-up can be effectively whitened with the EPIC laser treatment. Patients will be able to able to notice results immediately after the procedure.
  • Easy
    • We proudly offer EPIC, a laser teeth whitening system that is an easy choice to make for you to brighten your smile.
  • Confidence Boost
    • Whiter and brighter teeth have long been desired by many patients. It is an ongoing trend because when we look good, we feel good. Now, with procedures such as the EPIC laser whitening, we can enhance our smiles in a fast and economical way.

What To Expect During Your Professional Teeth Whitening Visit

Different types of tooth discoloration respond differently to teeth whitening treatments. Patients with surface stains caused by diet and lifestyle habits typically see optimal results from laser teeth whitening.

Dr. Sareen will apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to the surface of the teeth. The gel is activated using the innovative Biolase laser. The power of the laser can be manually adjusted to help reduce tooth sensitivity.

Laser teeth whitening can erase years of surface stains in about 20 minutes. Patients typically see results immediately after the treatment.

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At East Market Dental, our goal is to help you improve and maintain your oral health. Dr. Deepti Sareen and Dr. Julia Kondratyuk can help you address any oral problems related to diabetes. To make an appointment at our Fairfax, VA dentist office, call (703) 291-0198 or request an appointment online.