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Laser Dentistry Fairfax, VA

Laser DentistryAn Overview

Less invasive, and more precise, laser dentistry has replaced oral surgery for many dental concerns.  Laser dentistry is a state of the art dental technique that reduces downtimes and provides thorough and effective dental treatment for gum contouring,  periodontal disease, and even teeth whitening.

Committed to providing her patients with the best in dental treatment and technology, Dr. Sareen offers laser dentistry treatment options. Dr. Sareen is a highly trained and skilled dentist who remains on the cutting edge of dental care. Dr. Sareen attends yearly advanced education courses in efforts to bring her patients top quality dental care.


Laser dentistry offers a range of oral health benefits. Patients enjoy more comfortable treatment that promotes natural healing and reduces down times.

  • Less painful
  • Less bleeding
  • Less sensitivity
  • Less Swelling
  • Reduces post-treatment downtime
  • Reduces chances of infection
  • Promotes natural tissue regeneration
  • No sutures


Lasers can be used to modify and contour soft oral tissue. Patients with gummy smiles can reduce the gum lie for a more balanced smile with out the need for extensive gum surgery. Laser therapy for gum contouring shortens downtimes and eliminates the need for sutures and  reduces bleeding and swelling of the gums.

Gum health is and essential and commonly overlooked aspect of a patient’s overall oral health. The gums  stabilize and protect the root and teeth keeping them in place and preventing the spread of infection. The gum line is also an aesthetic element of the smile that should create balance between the lips and teeth.


Patients with gum disease often experience gum recession. Gum recession can leave too much of the tooth exposed and can even expose the tooth root. Receding gums can cause tooth sensitivity, loose teeth and even tooth loss.

Dr. Sareen may use laser dentistry can re-contour the gum line. The laser can be used to push the gum line down to cover more of the tooth surface. Laser therapy helps stimulate  tissue growth and can allow for healthier gums.


Gummy smiles can be viewed as unattractive. In the past gum surgery was the only way to remove excess gum tissue. Laser dentistry makes re-contouring a gummy smile less invasive and and provides more natural looking results.

Laser Dentistry What to Expect

Patients who choose laser therapy can expect a comfortable, minimally invasive procedure that restores the health and beauty of their smile. Laser treatments are out patient procedures that allow patients to return to their daily routine immediately after care. Laser dentistry greatly reduces discomfort, swelling and bleeding allowing. Laser dentistry also reduces the risk of infection by stimulating natural tissue regeneration.

Without the need for cutting, drilling, or sutures, laser dentistry is an ideal dental treatment for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Many patients who fear the dentist find laser treatment to be manageable without the need for sedation dentistry.

Laser Dentistry FAQs

Is laser dentistry painful?

Most patients feel little to no discomfort during their laser treatment. Without cutting or sutures, pain, swelling and bleeding are reduce for a more comfortable treatment experience. Dr. Sareen is a certified IV Sedation dentist and offers a full range of sedation dentistry options for patients with severe dental anxiety.

Is laser dentistry safe?

Yes, laser therapy for the treatment of oral health concerns is considered safe and effective. Laser therapy is safe for use in teen and adult patients.