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Root Canal Fairfax VA

Root CanalAn Overview

Root canal procedures are a treatment option for patients with advanced tooth decay that has spread to the pulp of the tooth. Infected tooth pulp can be painful, making it difficult to eat or speak normally. Patients with infected root canal should visit East Market Dental as soon as possible to prevent the need for tooth extraction.

Dr. Sareen offers root canal treatments from the comfort of her modern Fairfax, VA dentist office. Root canals are a conservative alternative to tooth extraction when decay has become too advanced for a dental filling.

Chips, cracks or broken teeth should be treated to prevent the spread of oral bacteria into the inner pulp of the tooth.

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Root Canal What to Expect

Root canals are typically completed in just one visit to our Fairfax, VA dentist office. Patients have the option of choosing a sedation dentistry method for their optimal comfort.

Dr. Sareen will create a tiny hole in the back of the infected tooth. Through the hole, Dr. Sareen removes the decayed and disease inner pulp of the tooth. Once the tooth is cleared, it is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for a composite filling. The tooth is filled and sealed.

Most patients will receive a custom dental crown to help support the tooth. A dental crown will fit over the treated tooth and will look and function just like you natural teeth.

Dr. Sareen uses the most modern dental materials to create beautiful, highly durable dental restorations. Using 3D scanning and imaging, the dental crown can be precisely fit for a lasting and comfortable result.