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TMJ Treatment Fairfax, VA

TMJ TreatmentAn Overview

Woman with a Headache TMJ pain fairfax vaJaw pain, chronic headaches, and pain when chewing may be indications that you are experiencing TMJ. TMJ is a bite disorder that impacts the function and health of the temporomandibular joint. The temporomandibular joint that connects the jaw and the skull which is moved by some of the strongest muscles in the body. An imbalanced bite, crooked teeth or myofuncitonal habits such as teeth grinding can create dysfunction in the TMJ which often leads to painful symptoms and facial tension.

Fairfax, VA dentist Dr. Sareen offers diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for TMJ disorders that can alleviate your pain and improve your dental health. Dr. Sareen conducts a comprehensive occlusal analysis and thoroughly evaluates the teeth and gums to identify the underlying cause TMJ pain. Addressing the functional skeletal issues will set the foundation for lasting results and a more comfortable bite.

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TMJ Treatment What to Expect

After a thorough exam and analysis of your jaw function, your dentist will recommend an appropriate treatment that will address dysfunction, damage, and your painful symptoms.

  • Mouthguard/Nightguard: a custom fit mouthguard or oral appliance is often the most conservative route for alleviating headaches and jaw pain that is caused by teeth grinding and tension in the joint.
    Restorative dentistry: treatments that will repair damage to the teeth or adjust the biting surface for an even bite.
  • Orthodontic treatment: Invisalign can realign the bite or straighten crooked teeth. alleviating the jaw added or unbalanced stress. straightening misaligned teeth may be the solution to your bite problem. Dr. Sareen is a Centreville and Fairfax Invisalign preferred provider and offers this convenient treatment option when appropriate.

In many cases, a combination of the above treatment options may be necessary to fully address your symptoms and dental problems.