Our Technology

Dental technology has dramatically enhanced the accuracy of diagnosis, minimized discomfort, and improved the integrity of results from many dental treatments and procedures. Digital dentistry provides a foundation for more accurate diagnosis, personalized care, and lasting results.

East Market Dental is proud to incorporate the latest technology into our practice to ensure that you receive the highest quality dental experience and to support our personalized, comprehensive approach to your care.

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography

Our CBCT Machine Owandy I-Max touch 3D, produces high resolution, Panoramic and 3-D images for use in diagnostics of jaws, sinuses; evaluation of wisdom teeth and planning the precise placement of dental implants. 





Digital Impressions

Say goodbye to messy dental impressions!

The iTero Scanner is one more way we ensure you have the best quality dental care. Traditionally, dental impressions have required that we take a physical impression of your mouth that is then sent to a lab to create your crowns, appliances, and clear aligners. This process can be uncomfortable to some and just plain messy. With the iTero scanner, we can scan the teeth and email the “impression” to our lab digitally! The new iTero 5D scanner also enables us to find cavitied with NIRI (Near Infra-Red Imaging) technology and evaluate long term changes in the enamel & bite.







The Epic™ X diode laser system from Biolase is a surgical and therapeutic device at the cutting edge of technology, designed for a wide variety of oral soft-tissue procedures like gum contouring, removing  gum lesions, treatment of oral a ulcers, teeth whitening, as well as for use in providing temporary relief of minor pain.




PRF Technology

PRF or Platelet rich fibrin, is a yellow and thick Jello-like biologic material derived from patient blood which is contains fibrin, platelets, growth factors & even a few stem cells, all of which help in faster & easier healing of wounds. During healing, the fibrin forms a fiber mesh like framework for tissue healing, Platelets fill in the gaps in the mesh framework & growth factors promote faster healing.

With our PRF centrifuge, we collect blood from the patient & run it though the centrifuge to collect the PRF which is then used for accelerating the patient’s own healing process.


Digital X-Rays 

Digital x-rays have two distinct advantages: They use much lower radiation, this means you are exposed to less radiation, and they can be manipulated using software on a computer. We use this technology when taking x-rays, reducing radiation exposure and enabling us to keep a digitized record of your oral health.





Intra-Oral Camera 

Intraoral cameras (IOCs) are cameras used by us to show you the interior of your mouth, as an alternative to using a mirror. Images can be saved to your file for future reference A chair-side screen can display the digital images of all surfaces of your teeth and gums for use in diagnosing concerns early and monitoring your dental health.