Dental Emergencies may include Toothache, pain in gums, dental cavities, cracked or chipped tooth, exposed tooth root, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, or a dental abscess or infection.

All of the above situations could lead to pain or sensitivity requiring emergency dental care. At East Market Dental, we aim to see you as soon as possible to help you out of pain. Emergency dental services in our Fairfax dentist office include:

  • Emergency exam and x-ray
  • Tooth repair for chipped teeth
  • Root canal therapy
  • Tooth extraction
  • Replacing loose or damaged crowns
  • Fixing Broken or lost dental fillings
  • Fixing or replacing Broken dentures

Our compassionate, highly trained dental care team is committed to providing high-quality, modern dental care in a welcoming and comfortable dentist office environment. We use laser therapy, 3D digital imaging and x-rays to provide safe, effective and precise dental health care to our patients. We offer same day tooth extractions in addition to full dental implant services to replace missing teeth. It is important to note that tooth pain may subside temporarily with over the counter medications but will almost never stop permanently until the cause has been identified and addressed by a dentist. Left untreated, these problems can quickly lead to additional oral problems or complications resulting in more expensive treatments or even the loss of the tooth or teeth.

The best way to identify the cause of your toothache is to have a dental exam and x-ray. After identifying the cause of pain, our dentists will give you treatment options and start the treatment same day to relieve your pain. Some of the emergency treatments could include:


Root Canal Treatment


Every tooth has 1 – 4 roots with canals & nerves inside them. If a cavity or cracked tooth causes inflamed or infected nerve of the tooth, a Root Canal Treatment could be required. During this treatment, our dentists clean out the canals of the affected tooth, treat the infection, fill the canal with gutta percha (a plant based material), top it off with filling, and cap the tooth with a new crown so that it won’t break.



Cavity Fillings


Cavities are holes in your teeth formed by decay. They are the number one cause of toothaches, and dental cavities also cause infections and lead to tooth loss. Treating cavities early prevents unnecessary pain and expense. When you have a cavity, our dentists will remove the decay, clean the tooth and add a filling to make your tooth pain-free and good as new. We use only tooth colored fillings.



Crown Treatment


A dental crown is a cap put over a tooth to strengthen it and make it look better. If you’ve lost part of a crown, sustained a tooth fracture, or if your dentist feels it necessary, we will prepare the tooth, and fit you with a new crown.



Tooth Extractions


Removing a tooth is always a last resort. We will do whatever we can to repair the tooth with a root canal or crown first. But, if a tooth must be extracted, even if it is badly broken, we will take care of it for you, administering a local anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable throughout the extraction. Our Dentists are experienced and skilled in atraumatic extractions which conserve the bone surrounding your tooth, helps in faster healing and causes minimal post-operative discomfort.



Broken Teeth


Although teeth are remarkably strong, a bad fall or blow can cause a tooth to chip, crack, or break. Exposed nerves on broken teeth are extremely sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks, limiting what you can consume and causing you significant pain. Our dentists can repair the chips in the teeth with tooth-colored material or place a crown over the tooth.



Abscesses and Swollen Jaw


An abscess is a swelling in the jaw, tooth or gums. Swelling can signal a number of underlying problems such as cavities, infected root canals, diseased gums, or even a broken jaw. Our dentists will perform a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth and gums to find and treat the cause of your mouth pain.


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